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Hello everyone!

For you and you only, I'm Katrina Scarlett, also known as Miss K from my best friend's blog over here. I'm a passionate baker, writer, photographer, singer and everything in between. I live in Finland and I love traveling around the world. I love watching movies, writing and spending time with my friends.

Oh, I also have a dog who might visit my blog every so often. She was born in 2012 and she's a doll. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to poke me in the comments and I shall answer. Now to the likes lists.

instagram: katniss_scarlett



1. I have about 50+ recipe books (mostly for cupcakes/cakes/baking. also a few for cooking)

2. I wasn't able to watch Jurassic Park until I was 18. The scene where Rex eats the man in the toilet scared the poop out of me. (update 02/2015 -> I went to a Jurassic Park ride in Universal. I still hate T-rex and it didn't help that it was a wet ride. I hate wet rides.)

3. I have pretty strong reactions if they cancel my favorite shows too early (... like Lost Girl. I hate them forever for that)

4. I've had a writer's block for about 8 years. Yes. I haven't manage to write a lot even though I have written 23984937493847 ideas for possible books. At the moment I'm trying to work over it by forcing myself to write two of those.

5. I have been to both London and Edinburgh two times, both on about consecutive years and with a pattern. First I visited London while I came home for christmas 2010 (i was studying abroad in Ireland and there isn't nonstop flights via Finland and Ireland), I stayed there for 3 days. When I came home for good in January 2011 I stayed in Edinburgh for 3 days. In 2012 I went back to London for 6 days and flew home for two weeks, then flew to Edinburgh for 6 days. I have also been in Paris three times - when i was a kid, in 1998 and 4 days (practically 3 cause on the last day our flight was at 6am) in 2013 and 6 days in 2014. And those weren't planned.

6. I have never read Lord of the Rings because every time I tried, I got bored after 30 pages.

7. I'm afraid of bears. Seriously. Never even seen one, but I'm afraid of them, ok? Also sharks. They give me the creeps.

8. I love Disney. I think it's not good to grow up 100% because if you do, you lose all the magic in your life. Call me childish, but I've grown up with Disney, I have three disney tattoos that actually have meaning to me, even though they might just look like characters and quotes.

9. I've always dreamed of swimming with dolphins. Still waiting to do that. One day.

10. I'm very fascinated by abandoned places and urban exploration and I'd love to visit Chernobyl/Pripyat someday as well as other abandoned places in the world.

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