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tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2016

Her name was New York

It feels so unreal. It was only about six months ago when I was planning a trip to Paris with my godson and his family but plans changed due to some miscommunication. So about half an hour ago I booked flights to New York! 

This trip is first of sorts for me. First of all, my first trip to New York. I fell in love with Los Angeles and I think the same will happen here. Second of all, this is my first trip alone. Or well, when I went to Ireland I went alone too but... not alone. I had support from other exchange students and I made some great friends while I was there too. But this time it will be just me, myself and I.

Seeing New York, just like seeing Los Angeles, is on my bucket list. Another thing on my bucket list: seeing a Wicked on Broadway. So yes, I'm going to do exactly that. And if I'm lucky enough, I'll be seeing Finding Neverland as well. I've been in love with that since I found out that Matthew Morrison is playing J.M. Barrie in the Broadway version. And while he isn't performing anymore, it is still a great play with great songs so I'm truly hoping that I am that lucky indeed.

For now, I don't really have any solid plans. For the first time I'm able to see what it is to actually travel alone and I'm half excited and half terrified about it. I'm a social person but also sort of shy. However, I don't have problem in opening my mouth if the situation needs it. But I know I'll be fine. Right now there's butterflies in my stomach.

Lately I've kind of thought about life and just decided to reach out for my dreams (well, those that are reachable). Seeing New York being one of them. Seeing Empire State Building, Broadway, Times Square, Madison Square Garden and the Statue of Liberty. And well, shopping of course. Money's just money, you work hard and you get it, but experiences are priceless. Seeing world is priceless. While I might not be a millionaire or rich, I save up and when I have enough, I go somewhere. I'd lose my head if I got stuck here at home for the whole summer.

So now, dear readers, I need tips! Tell me places that I need to see, shops I need to visit, how to work the NYC subway (and what kind of card to buy if I'm there for a week), how to get from Newark to Manhattan, where to get cheap(er) Broadway tickets etc. I literally want to hear about everything!


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