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torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2016

Looks like home to me

A new post in a while. I apologize for being MIA, but my work schedule got crazy busy and I had no energy to do anything after work. Things are looking much sunnier right now - SPRING IS HERE.

Oh yeah I probably didn't mention - in the end of october I took my friend to a Scooter's gig in Helsinki after winning two tickets from a radio station competition. I actually called in to participate in this celebrity imitation game, where the hosts each imitate one celebrity and usually you have to have two out of three right to win the prize (usually a cd or something like that). It came as a total surprise that they had added Scooter tickets to that prize and this time I had to get all three of them right. Which made me nervous since I heard them practice their imitation earlier that morning but didn't really have a clue on the third. But then it hit me when I heard it the second time. And I won.

Scooter, oh Scooter. God I feel so old since I danced to their songs in school discos when I was in elementary school and so forth. Good memories, good memories.

But, back to the apartment!

Everything is in place and I should be able to move in in no time! The fact that this renovation has been going on for 9 months is ridiculous but two months are explained with waiting for my kitchen cupboards and everything and one month is explained when a water leakage from upstairs damaged my kitchen a bit so we had to take one cupboard off, let it dry and paint it over again plus add new tapestry. Now it's finally done, the only things lagging are the wall decals and paintings. I've been moving my belongings into my new home slowly, but now I've got most of my stuff in there and still some room in my cupboards/closet. Which is kind of odd considering how much clothes and other things I actually have...

Anyway, let's look at some photos (straight from my instagram so you might've seen this earlier):

My kitchen is probably the best room in my home. The first photo was taken a couple of days ago and the second one was taken before I had moved any stuff in. I have this lovely manual kitchen scale (on top of the digital one I have) from this lovely store in Vammala called Casa Rosalin. I also bought a lot of other stuff there. The bread tin is from Click Store in Ideapark (Jamie Oliver) and Smeg toaster is from Gigantti. I'm still missing my stand mixer but it's on its way! Cause you know what? I'm going to have KitchenAid Artisan mixer in pink and I can't wait to get that baby home!

My dog's at home in the chair though. Alright so living room. Sadly my mother had my couch and chair covered since my dog was there and her fur is everywhere. However, I've decide myself that those will come off and I'll just vacuum the chair and couch if she sheds. No big deal.


So my living room is green as you might see. My chair is more... purplish than my couch but they kind of fit together. Altogether I wanted to make this room kind of relaxing and energetic at the same time, hence the colors. All the cabinets are white though and all of them are from Laulumaa. The table is also from there. Couch is from Ikea and I was super lucky to get it! There were only two left in that particular color. I didn't want white or light colored couch cause I knew all dirt and hair would show up immediately in it (and well, having a dog that's not really good). So I went with cherry. The curtains are bunny curtains designed by Minna Parikka and I'm in love with them.


And then we have the bedroom, which is pink. My favorite color is pink and while I'm well aware that people rarely paint their walls pink or... well any other color but rather just leave them as white/light/with one wall different color than the others, I'm not really that kind of a girl. I love colors. I kinda tried to mix modern and vintage in my decorations in every room. Though my kitchen is more retro than vintage but I have tons of cute tins and everything in there. However, I went with a bit more romantic edge in my bedroom since I already had the crystal crown my grandmother gave me. The bed and side table is from Ikea, shelf is from Anttila. And well, I don't have much anything else in here. Except my clothes in the wardrobes. And my collection of Victoria's Secret body mists and beauty products.

Then the entrance which is kind of hard to get a photo of since it's very small. But I have a bench and a coat rack there, nothing more. The entrance is painted light purple.

And well I have bathroom too but somehow I've managed not to take photos of that but I will someday. It's kinda cute with owls on the walls.

Well, this is my home and I can't wait to move in!


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