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tiistai 9. helmikuuta 2016

Winter vacation!

Hello all my lovelies!

The blog has been a little bit slower once again due to work and the fact that I haven't had anything new to update really. Except my wisdom tooth surgery but that's not really a topic that would spark conversation.

Speaking of the surgery (both of my lower wisdom teeth were removed), I looked like a deranged blowfish and this picture pretty much proves it. A rare beauty eh? On the bright side I lost around 10kg in a week and a half when I ate my antibiotics. They were so icky I didn't really crave for ANY sweets. And well, of course I ate soft foods, sweet potato soup and so forth. And it was fine for like a day, but for god's sake I craved meat so badly. So nope, I will never become a vegetarian. Mostly because I also dislike lots of green stuff.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF EVERYTHING. I'm going to Stockholm with my friend on Saturday. We'll take a ferry and stay in Stockholm for two nights. Including Valentine's Day. Honestly I've never spent Valentine's anywhere else so this is a really special thing and we'll definitely celebrate our friendship!

I'm very excited since I've been on a cruise to Stockholm, however I haven't been on land in ages. I was a little girl the last time I visited Stockholm. So it's about damn time already!

I swear I have more updates coming when I get to Stockholm and back. In the meanwhile - if anyone has any recommendations about what to do/where to go in Stockholm, please let me know!


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