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torstai 7. tammikuuta 2016

Winter is here

So, winter has finally arrived as has the first post of 2016! Happy new year everyone! 

And winter did not come the way I expected at all. From nice, relatively warm degrees, mud and rain we went straight to -30°C, freezing wind and layers in clothing. I've never really liked winter as the season. Autumn has always been my season even if there's mud and rain and that phase where all leaves fall down and the trees look like skeletons.

But yes, in the last couple of days my facebook feed has filled with pictures of people having their hair or eyelashes or beard frozen due to the weather.

Anyway, I had bought this super cute winter coat earlier from  And today I wore it the first time. It's really warm and comfy, which is why I decided to go fetch it from my apartment in Tampere and bring it with me back home. Right decision, cause after that I was totally like...

Oh well, it's supposed to warm up and rain again by the end of this week I think? 

Talking bout my apartment - I've been planning on making a huge post but that has been delayed due to the fact that there's water leak in my kitchen. Talk about bad luck yeah? So it has to be fixed, which hopefully won't take too long. It's not massive but it still requires us to take one cupboard of the wall, take the glass off and renew part of the Mickey Mouse wallpaper under it... sigh.  So I will postpone that until further notice.

Now I shall go get my warm woolen socks and go to bed. Night everyone!

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