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torstai 13. elokuuta 2015

Rose garden filled with thorns aka. birthday

Another year older, again. Where have all these years gone? What have I achieved in my life? Where am I going? I bet everyone actually thinks at least one of these when they turn yet another year older. That happened to me yesterday. Gladly, I don't really stress out that much. Within the previous years I've arranged a birthday party, rented out a space and invited all my friends over to have a good time. This time I spent my birthday with my two best friends - the ultimate crew as I named out Whatsapp group - Haja and Miss H. 

I spent the morning at work, running along, trying not to sweat much so I could actually look representable later. I had bought a new pink dress (I think I mentioned that in some of the earlier posts, yeah? Well that's it in the pictures) I've been dying to get out and what would be a better occasion to dress in pink from head to toe than a birthday? 

After my shift was done, I headed for Hatanpään Arboretum, which has become my go-to location for all kinds of photoshoots and festivities. It's just so pretty and I had heard that the roses in the rose garden were now in full bloom (or had been for a week or so). And I have a slight obsession to take pictures with flowers (no kidding?!) so it had to be done.

Sadly it was raining when we got there. But the rain never bothered me anyway, right? I even had my pink umbrella (from Ikea, of course) with me! So I gave my camera to Haja and she began shooting photos.

And talking about photoshooting - it's not all that serious, not with me in front of the camera at least. I mean look at these silly behind the scenes -photos!

Yeah no, I just can't be normal all the time. Well most of the time anyway. 

After we were done shooting, we headed out to pick Miss H and drove to the city centre to have a nice birthday dinner. We had chosen to dine in New York, which I can gladly recommend to anyone - good food and reasonable prices too! I ate my regular dish - Broadway Chicken and it was damn delicious. And a cheesecake cause on birthday you're supposed to have cake too (I did make one it just failed magnificently).

After eating we walked a short distance to a surprise I had arranged for me and my friends - ROOM ESCAPE. I had really dreamed of going to one so long I decided to give one to myself as a present. We booked "The Office" and started playing. Those of you who don't know what a room escape is - you will be locked up in a room full of possible clues and you have to get out in an hour. Sadly, we didn't quite make it, we had one lock left when the time ran out. But it was super fun, we worked really well together and I was so proud of us all! I really recommend that to everyone cause it's not only fun but also builds up very good teamwork skills!

And well, that was the day. I had just lots of fun (I also might have bought a long-craved Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote so I'm full-on pink in London. At least on one day). 

So yes, I have a weekend off and I'm starting my summer vacation NOW! The weekend includes lots of packing and when I get back from London, my kitchen has been already delivered YAY! They just have to install it too so that takes a little time and then I get to cleaning and dragging my stuff in there. I just can't wait. It's going to be glorious!


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