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lauantai 11. heinäkuuta 2015

Welcome to my crib: PART 1

So at last I'm able to make this little post about my new apartment. I'M SO EXCITED, OKAY? It looks fabulous already with all the walls painted and floor installed. So before I start, here have some before pictures and before video!

So from to the top to bottom, left to right: bedroom, entrance, kitchen, room 2, entrance to kitchen + room 2, living room. My bathroom is only going to have some very minor changes, such as installation of these walls around the shower so that's a bit irrelevant to this post and therefore I won't include that in here.

Now first and foremost, I'm quite a colorful person (or so I've heard) and it's not really my style to go all white. So I chose not to have tapestry in my apartment but in fact, all the walls in each room are in the same color (so no one wall enhancements either). The only tapestry I'm going to have is going to be in my kitchen and that is for the space behind the tap and so forth (so we're talking about a really small space here).

I have already bought lamps for each room - my bedroom is going to have a lamp my grandmother gave to me for this apartment, but you guys will see that later, when I'm all done. I have ordered my washing machine and my fridge plus my kitchen (and bedroom closet) is on the way but they'll arrive in late August (cause the factories are on a holiday in July :/). There are still some minor things to do, like painting the balcony door and putting sockets on and whatever, but the biggest changes have been made and now all we can do is wait until August.

I already bought a couch too. I was in luck when I went to Ikea to buy it and they only had TWO pieces in my selected color available (the color wasn't in production anymore) and I got 70 euros off the couch too. So I bought it and we took it to the storage in my building. Unfortunately on part didn't quite fit there, nor did it fit the elevator. So I carried it to the 5th floor. My mom helped me for the first floor but I decided that I could carry it on my own (memo to me: wrong move. broke my back and my ankle [again], don't do it).

So now, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the apartment 2.0:


So yes my bedroom is pink, my entrance is light lavender, my living room is bright green AND my kitchen is light brown (more like "cafe latte" color). I love it and I can't wait to get to decorating. Luckily I've bought the most expensive things already so the only really expensive one I still have to buy is a TV. Other than that I still need a few cabinets to my living room, a bed (already decided on that too) and some minor stuff like tv table, chairs and a bench and mirror to the entrance. But that's about it with the mandatory things and then it's all about the small things (most of which I already have).

Which is good cause I'm going to London! Yes, I already mentioned this on my facebook, but I'm going to London for a week in late August (18th-25th to be exact). We're staying near Hyde Park and we have already booked an Afternoon Tea Cruise on Thames so that will definitely be a new experience for me and I'm so excited. I'm also definitely going to visit Harrod's Food Hall again AND the Ice Cream Parlour because it was so heavenly the last time I went there.

What else is new? Well I bought a new pink dress. I actually just realized that I'm a pink person and I have many accessories in pink but I have only a couple of pink dresses. So yes, this dress will probably make it to London too!

Last weekend I also had the pleasure of being a wedding photographer to a very lovely couple and the photos have turned out so great (so far)! Now I'm just waiting for my vacation in August (I'll start my vacation on 17th of August, the next day I'll leave to London and after I get back, my kitchen will be installed and I'll move my stuff in).

What do you think of my new apartment? Would you have your apartment colorful or neutral?


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