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torstai 30. heinäkuuta 2015

Rainbow hair!


So I just did what people have been doing a lot this summer (or this year I guess). I went to the hairdresser and got myself my own rainbow hair. Or ponyhair. It's not actually a real rainbow per say, but it has different shades of purple and pink and it's only the half of the length of my hair. But I love it. This awesome color was done by Elina @ Parturi-kampaamo Rasta.

Wow it's already August soon! The last day of July is on hand and tomorrow we'll be on August. Really? Oh god. Time really flies. Soon I will be celebrating my birthday and starting my four week long summer vacation and head to London and come back to move my things to my new apartment. When did the year go by so fast, just tell me?


On other things. About a week ago we went to this berry farm with my mother and we were supposed to just go buy strawberries (they have like... ten types of strawberries and I wanted specific ones). Unfortunately, my type wasn't pre-picked and so we headed to the picking area. In just an hour and a half me and my mother picked 12.6 kilos of strawberries for the winter. Most of them for me really... Haha, I'll be heading to the berry farm again after I come back from London since I'll go pick some raspberries too - I've used almost all the ones I had picked on a year or two ago. They've been frozen in my grandma's big freezer but god they're good. I'll also head for the forest very soon to pick up some blueberries too. Hopefully I'll have lots of them too so I'm able to bake pretty much anything berrylicious in the winter!


I baked some Oreo cupcakes! Ugh they were so delish! I usually dislike chocolate in baking cause it's just too sweet for me and I can never eat it a lot in desserts and pastries (and I really dislike white chocolate, that only goes with some selected ingredients). But it's fun to do it from time to time. I also placed one Oreo at the bottom of the cupcake and it was surprisingly good, but also very filling. The original recipe was from Cupcake Jemma, but I just modified it a little (since we don't have all of those products here in Finland).  

And oh, last saturday I agreed on helping in a music festival, mainly serving at the bar. I had such lovely co-workers there (and I volunteered since I was thinking of going to the festival to listen to one of my fave artists anyway so I got in "free") and it was just so much fun. I'll definitely do that again sometime.

Last but not least, oh dear I can't wait to get to London. I've been there two times before (one time with my current travel company though we did quick tour in a day). We have booked an afternoon tea cruise at Thames BUT we're looking for some cheap/free activities in London, so if you have any suggestions for us, please leave a comment below. I would also love to hear your recommendations for nice "photoshoot" locations just in case I get very artsy on my trip and manage to coax my friend to snap some cute outfit pics!

I can tell you that we have Camden and the usual sights in our tour already, but what are the hidden gems in London? What is your ultimate favorite place in London?

with love,

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