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sunnuntai 3. toukokuuta 2015

Weddings - I love weddings!


Yesterday we celebrated the long awaited wedding of M&J. For once I was invited to a wedding as a guest - honestly it has been almost 20 years since I was in a wedding in the role of a guest and not a photographer. It's funny how in the middle of everything you start to think like a photographer and remember that "Oh right, I'm here as a guest". Though yes, I took the official wedding photos of the couple and a few at the church and at the party. I just can't seem to put my camera down, eh ;)?

Anyway, my morning started with a hairdresser at 9AM. The night before I had dyed my hair, even though the world seemed to be against it by losing our electricity (and of course, since I live in the middle of the forest, our water pumps don't work without electricity either - luckily I just got the dye washed when the water ran out and the electricity came back on two hours later). Anyway, hairdresser. I wanted something with a braid but also something with curls and I had my flower crown with me.

(dress:, lacy in love in mint, cupcake earrings & necklace: elvari, shoes (though not visible): minna parikka)

I had bought this perfect mint green lace dress from and I have pretty much fallen in love with it. Modcloth is always my go-to place for my dresses, so if you ever wonder, my dress is 70% surely from there. Also it seems that according to some articles, flower crowns are last season so I'm a year late but I don't even care cause flower crowns are pretty. I really liked how my hair turned out and how well the curls lasted for the night.

First I headed to the hotel to take a few photos of the bride getting ready. Unfortunately I had mixed up the hotel so I waited in the wrong lobby for some time but they weren't far from each other so it was a quick fix. After I got a few photos, we headed for the church. And need I say - the bride looked absolutely stunning. So did the groom.

There was quite a nice surprise at the church when finnish singer Eino Grön sang "Kel' Onni On". After they were happily married, we headed for the wedding party held in Haiharan Kartano. What a beautiful place. The night was full of good food, well-planned programme and we also had fun little photobooth there (as you can see, I was mainly in the role of the photographer in photobooth but I just can't stay serious for too long). We headed home a bit before midnight so we actually stayed for such a long time.

I wish all the best for the newlyweds and the little baby they'll have later in the autumn <3.

with love,

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