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sunnuntai 31. toukokuuta 2015

Summer is here!

SUMMER IS HERE. I've had the weekend off and I've done some amazing stuff. Yesterday my godson's mother came to visit with their new dog while my godson and his father are on a fishing trip. The day was so lovely all around - we bbq'd, watched the dogs play and went to our local market.

Today I packed up my camera and drove to Tampere to have a little photoshoot with Haja. She needed me to shoot a couple of dresses she had made with her own hands (and they were gorgeous!). I picked them up and we drove to Tulitikkutehdas, which is an abandoned factory full of very nice graffitis and rustic feel - perfect for the dresses. Her little sister Giko was with us too, wearing the other dress Haja made.

After we finished shooting them in the match factory, we headed to Arboretum to take some pics - this time me in front of the camera. They turned out very pretty and I finally got the chance to wear the flower crown I've been dying to take out for a photoshoot. And well, we finished that photoshoot off by having Giko take photos of me and Haja, goofing out (yeah, it's not even possible to have decent non-goofing pictures of us - or well, it is, but it's so rare you might have a better chance of seeing an unicorn).

And today had the most perfect ending with us going to see my new apartment - which was now empty as the previous tenant had moved away. I took some before photos and some video material I'm going to release later on. We have good plans going on, I already know how my new kitchen will look like (and I love it!) and I'm just so excited to move to my new apartment in the fall.

But for now, I say goodnight and LET THIS SUMMER BE AWESOME!

with love,

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  1. I'm so excited for this Summer as well! How exciting for you to be moving into a new apartment! :)

    1. I am very excited about that! We started renovating just yesterday and since most of the companies producing kitchen cupboards etc are on holidays in July, it will probably take until late August until I can move in. But it's okay, I'm spending the summer at home (or well, our all-year-round cottage) and traveling to (at least) London in late August!

  2. Woohoo for summer & long, warm nights. Love the flower crown & your gorgeous hair. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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