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sunnuntai 26. huhtikuuta 2015

Let's talk about... HAIR.

You know what they say. Never tickle a sleeping dragon. Or a troll. Trolls can be even grumpier than dragons. So let's talk about hair a little. This post was heavily inspired by my hairventory (hair + inventory, clever huh). What's hairventory? Well, about once a year I go through the numerous amount of my headbands and hair accessories, throwing out those I don't use or those which are broken but I've never thrown out. I get a bit sentimental over them. I might have the habits of a hoarder. But we'll come back to that later.


My natural hair color is kinda sandy blonde. Nowadays it's more mousy grey or something... I've never lived to see it cause I only see my roots when they grow. And when they grow enough I decide to either dye them myself or pay a visit to a hairdresser. I think I was 12 when I first dyed my hair. It took a long time to get my mom's permission for it. So I dyed my hair kind of copper the first time. I don't even remember which color I had next but I had blonde (with some brown), brown, black until i kinda settled for a dip-dyed hair. My base has always remained black/dark but I've changed the other color from blonde to pink to purple. One time I had a few blue stripes too. But right now I'm in the rhythm of dyeing my hair dark-blonde in summer and dark-pink/purple in winter.


Well, I'm working everyday and then I go home cause right now I live in the middle of the forest, how my hair looks is not really that important to me. I didn't used to have any particular hairstyles I preferred, but nowadays I'm usually going with a side-braid or side-fishtail. On my days off I'm usually too lazy to do anything with my hair, combing it will just do. And having it on high pony. For events and such I like to curl it up a little or go with a side-fishtail too. I also had fake-dreadlocks once. My friend braided them to my hair and I read online that you could keep them for 2 months and when I was on my 1,5 month I wanted them off. But woops, wrong kind of locks and you were only supposed to wear them max 3 weeks... Let's just say that my hair was AWFUL and kinda... dreadlocked from the roots and hairdressers would've cut it but my mom and grandma took the locks of separating one hair after another. Lesson learned.


I'm a bit ocd with my hair to be honest. I've had short hair when I was a kid but I think I was starting secondary school (grades 7-9) when I stopped cutting my hair. I've never cut it myself and I only let the hairdressers cut the necessary amount. I love long hair. I'm just that type of person even though short could be easier to take care of. But I have my hair down to my waist and I'm quite proud of it. And it's quite thick too (not as thick as it used to be thank god).


Alright so now we get to my favorite topic: accessorizing. I mean I'm usually "whatever" with jewelry and such, I use them if I remember and think they look nice but I LOVE accessorizing my hair. Headbands, flowers etc. If I'm going to meet a friend or you know, somewhere else, I NEVER leave without a headband. I feel quite odd without it. 


I did inventory of these things and I ended up with the count of 111. _111_ head accessories? I think I might have the habits of a hoarder.  I REGRET NOTHING THOUGH. Lately I've fallen in love with flower crowns, so I'm like a year behind the trends but who cares really.


Even when I travel, I usually take one headband and one dress per day - depends of course, but it's my usual drill. I like to match them up and use them as details for the outfit. For example, I've kinda fallen in love with mint green dresses and I usually accessorize them with electric/bright pink accessories or with a rose pink flowercrown. I also have this dark blue dress I love to use and with that I usually wear my blue/darkish flower crown. Or a light blue headband. 

So yes, I love my hair accessories and I have the luxury of having them a lot so I usually have a hard time choosing the one that feels right. 

What's your favorite accessory? Headband? Necklace? Hat? Share it with me!


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