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tiistai 17. helmikuuta 2015

Time to start a new hobby

Once upon a time I had too much free time and decided to start a new hobby with my best friend Haja. Alright, it was actually something I've been dying to do for a long long time. You see, me and Haja started a beginner's course in ARCHERY. I remember we were probably around seventeen when she had been trying archery with her class and asked me to come with when they told her that she could come try it for free two times (or something like that, it's so long I can't remember). Well, today we started it as a hobby.

Not gonna lie, I've always wanted to try archery and fencing. I've always been into stuff like that cause I find it very intriguing and fun. But hey - it went fairly well! We already got to shoot arrows and I didn't shoot anyone, eh? Neither did Haja. Okay, I'm kidding we're not that bad. It was really fun to learn the right kind of posture and how to work with the bow - no matter how many times you've seen it in movies and TV-series, it's not as easy as it looks. Unless you're some kind of a target practice wizard.

I can't wait for next week to get to shoot some more. Also, it's surprisingly cheap. Yeah, if you buy your own bow and arrows, those probably cost quite a lot but once you've done that - it seemed that one season at the place (free use of the "cave" and all that) was 10€/20€ which isn't really pricy at all. So I think this one is here to stay. Perhaps we'll even get so good that we could actually compete. Once we learn all the right techniques and tips.

I could recommend this to anyone. It's good practice and lots of fun when you're not all serious.

Also, other news! I went to see Disney on Ice with my godson and his mom. It was just magical. I've never been before so I was thrilled to see it. And FROZEN, oh my god. So beautifully done. Even though (well it's not a secret) I just can't stand "Let It Go" in Finnish. The lyrics are somewhat... odd and the singer can't hold the last high note but instead screams. Of course after the song ended and the staircase rolled back, there was a prolonged version of that scream.... eeeesh.  Otherwise I love Frozen. Just... not the dub really. It could've been done so much better like all other Disney movie dubs (to Finnish I mean). Still, it was a pretty show and I had a good time. My godson had missed me and I had missed him too! Too long had passed since I last saw him. I need to find more hours to the day so I could manage to do everything I need to do! I have no idea where all the time goes!


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