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torstai 12. helmikuuta 2015

February music picks

February. It's not really a special month for me, but hey Valentine's Day is coming up and I love my friends so I love spending Valentine's with them. But since it's only the beginning of the month, I thought I'd do this small post called "February music picks". I actually thought I'd do that monthly since I listen to a lot of music and some or most of the bands are somewhat unknown (at least in Finland, obviously). 

So here we go.

First up is PETER HOLLENS. I stumbled up on him at youtube by an accident. I think I was listening to other music when I was like "oh cool this dude sings acapella and by himself. that's some serious talent!". I think it was actually Lindsey Stirling that introduced me to his music by collaborating with him on a cover of Skyrim (which was awesome). Now I can't stop listening to him. His voice is so beautiful and soothing and brings so much emotion to the songs. My newest obsession by him is The Last Goodbye from Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. It is gracefully beautiful and pretty much perfect in every way. 

Then we shall move on to the next pick. I've actually found them many years ago, but I hadn't listened to them for a while and I definitely still love them - maybe even more than before because I haven't heard them in a while: SAFETYSUIT. Seriously, I have so much love for them. The first song I've ever heard from them was 'What If' and that was it. After that they've made such great songs and I remember one of them being super-inspirational and helping me cope while I went through some hard phases in my life 'These Times'. Just take a listen to it and you'll see.

Third pick for this month is New Heights and their singer Travis Atreo. These guys are a very talented group. They have made both covers and originals and there's one cover I love - more than the original. That's 19 You+Me that also features Colton Haynes. I love his voice as well so this song was perfection. Not to mention their original song Top Of The World.

Alright, so those were my three picks for this February. What did you think? I'm always open for new music suggestions so shoot them down in the comment box and I'll be sure to give them a listen!


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