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lauantai 24. tammikuuta 2015

Sunshine is a state of mind

Good morning from Los Angeles! It's currently 8am and I've been getting up around 7am every morning even if I don't have to. Damn jetlag. Or something. Well anyway. I've had wonderful time in Los Angeles! On our first day we took off to Universal Studios Hollywood. That was truly a great trip and I sorta kinda returned with about 5 shopping bags. Woops. I think my 2nd bag came in handy, although Marshall's next door had really cute and really light bags for traveling too. 

At first we headed to Studio Tour because it would've been crowded later in the day. It was rather cool or so to say though I must say that if I had any money to spare, I would've taken the VIP tour cause then you would've gotten to walk on Wisteria Lane etc. VIP tour costs around $300 so it's kinda pricy. But it also includes so much more than just walking in the set on Studio Tour. There's like... everything. 

After that we went to the Simpsons ride, Jurassic Park River Adventure (GDI I didn't know it was a wet ride and I hate wet rides... luckily I'm quite small so the bar covered me quite well even though the hem of my dress got soaked), Minion Mayhem, Shrek 4D and we also saw the Waterworld show and Animal Actors (omg can you come and train my dog too please?). It was so awesome and Waterworld was rather inspiring if I may say. Lots of ideas, if not for my book, then for something else.

Also I FINALLY GOT SOME TACO BELL AND IT WAS AWESOME. Can we please bring this to Finland? I mean wow it was so good. I had promised my friend that when I'd travel to America, I'd try Taco Bell. Still need to try local hot dogs (pink's or something else, idk yet). But yes. So good.

After we got to the hotel, we took a little break and then went to Hollywood Boulevard to do some shopping. Found myself lots of stuff from Victoria's Secret and some other shops as well.


On our second day, we took a hop on/hop off bus ride to Beverly Hills and Downtown LA. We hopped off at Rodeo Drive to go stroll down the famous street as well. I found a cute little candy shop called SUGARFINA and oh my god they even had this box of Finnish liquorice. Psst, they deliver internationally ;) Another great candy shop is IT'S SUGAR that we found at Universal, but there's more of them too. I was literally like a kid in a candy shop in these two.

After we had walked down Rodeo, we took the bus ride back to Hollywood and saw some awesome places. Then we hopped on the Purple Line and sat 2,5 hours in that bus and saw many sights in Downtown LA. Apparently there was also something happening since we got stuck on Broadway and the police had shut down one street from traffic. Three squad cars went through though. I'm not sure what it was but apparently there had been a middle school stabbing further away (though it was literally further away, not sure why they had closed that street?) :(

Today we're actually heading to Venice and Santa Monica. Sadly we'll be going home tomorrow, but it has been truly awesome here! I could certainly move here. I mean come on Californian sun vs. Finnish snow? Not a hard choice!

See you all later!


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