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tiistai 20. tammikuuta 2015

It won't be long

Holey moley, only one night and then I'm heading to the airport to board a plane to Los Angeles. Well, technically first I'll be boarding a plane to Gatwick and then to Los Angeles but it's almost the same thing, right?

So I had done a few lists what to take with me and of course my mom, being the worrying kind, had also made her own list of what I should take with me. Since I have 11hr flight from London to LA, I'm pretty much taking my whole technology shabang with me... so laptop, iPad and iPhone, even iPod (i just found it yesterday, it's Classic 160GB and after like... 3 years of not using it, it still works. Damn.)

The only thing that made my packing a lot harder, was my lovely dove sitting in my bag. And then cuddling next to me and wanting to be pet and snuggled and everything. She was making puppy eyes at me. And like, when I thought she'd stay put and started to put things in my bag, there she was again, sat in front of me, giving me her paw to hold and licking my face. She knows I'm going on a vacay. And for a while she was mad ad me too. Like *judging you* mad. She even made a face!


So right now, I'm hoping that I've got everything in my bag. I shall arrange my cabin bag later on, just before I leave since I still have my phone charging and obviously I'm using my computer.

As of the long flight - I have prepared myself with 9 iBooks, 3 movies (all the Hobbits. I haven't watched anything Hobbit related in a week and I have serious withdrawal symptoms) and of course, I have a dictionary downloaded in my iPad, music in Spotify + iPod and I have my unfinished book saved on my laptop so I can write it if I get bored. Since both Hobbit 1 + 2 are 6hrs 30mins altogether and last time I checked the third Hobbit was 2hrs 40min and took 40% of my battery so I don't think I'll be able to watch two movies on the way there. And of course I've been trying to keep myself awake and adjust to the time difference so I'd be able to get few hours of sleep on the plane too. Somehow I still think I'll be awake most of it... I have two carry-on chargers for my phone and iPad but there's none to Mac's so I won't be able to charge it so when the battery's gone, it's gone. However, I do have an adapter for Britain with me too I can recharge my computer there. However, it's pretty much useless during the trip TO LA cause I won't be using my computer on the flight to London anyway.

So tonight I'm hopping onto a train to Helsinki since I'm staying the night at my friend's place and we're heading for the airport early in the morning. I'll also be staying at his place when I come back since our return flight is in Finland at midnight.

But now, I shall head back to packing my stuff. I'll probably make another post when I get there, with pics and everything! Can't wait! Meanwhile, watch one of my fave stand up comedian's irish impression down below:


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