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torstai 22. tammikuuta 2015

Good morning Los Angeles!

Good morning from LA! We arrived yesterday evening, our flight was a little bit late but not too much. I was surprised that our airline had also sockets so I could use my computer freely, YAY!!!

I was so friggin nervous at customs, not that I showed it or anything, I just hadn't been through that before so it was something new! Got my bags and got to a shuttle bus to get our rental car, then drove 1hr and 30mins to our hostel.

It was already 8.30 pm when we got here so we just went strolling down Hollywood boulevard and got some food (subway, shame on me but it was the closest soo...). Found Disney's star too and of course I had to take a pic.

This morning I woke up to +11 degrees (C) and to the landscape in the first pic. Quite nice, eh ;)? Can't say I miss Finnish winter and snow and rain so much. 

Today we're heading to Universal Studios to avoid the freakishly big masses on weekends, tomorrow we're probably gonna go to Venice and Santa Monica and on Saturday it's a hop on hop off bus ride + shopping in Beverly Hills and here at Hollywood. 

I'm having such a blast already!


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