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perjantai 21. marraskuuta 2014

Tattooed girls go straight to hell

Alright so if you read that "about me" page up there, you know I mentioned tattoos. Now I wasn't going to get any - well, not at least until I got my first one to my back in 2010. Back then Haja did some work for one tattoo artist so I got a bit of discount when I went to take my tat. I had drawn it myself and... well I'm not the most artistic person when it comes to drawing. But it was really nice back then and only afterwards I've been kind of thinking that it could use a few fixes since she didn't really correct it at all but tattooed it straight from my picture. Now I'm not ashamed of it by any circumstances because well, it's also my artwork. Kinda. But I just might get it colored and maybe a bit fixed if it can be done so (and actually one other tattoo artist said that it's a tad bit too dark so it might need a bit of removal...). But if not, I'm fine with that.

But now to the tattoo's I'm proud of - my Disney tattoos. Yes, I am a major Disney-maniac and I have pretty much the majority of all of their movies - not only the animated once, but also the live-action ones.

All in all I have four tattoos, three of which are Disney. The tattoo mentioned before is and Irish CLADDAGH, symbolizing love, loyalty and friendship. Three things I value in life.

Now on to my Disney tats. The "chest piece" was my first one of these. I chose Stitch and Tinkerbell plus their quotes because first of all, Stitch is a little like me when I was a child - an outsider, weird, misunderstood. Tinkerbell represents me in my teens when I was girly, overly jealous of everyone and a bit hot-headed. The quotes - "Ohana - family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten" represents the importance of my family. And when I say my family, I don't mean only my blood relatives - I also mean my closest friends, my pets, everyone that has a place in my heart. They are important to me. And then "All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust" is something that pretty much represents an important maxim - to succeed in anything, to get what you desire, you need faith in yourself, trust and a little bit of imagination to make it happen. My chest piece took around 8 hours to make and all in all it took 2 separate times and one time to fix the colours a little.

Now I got both Olaf and the Mickey at the same time in last May. Now Olaf doesn't have a quote - well at least not yet, haha. Olaf represents me as I am now. I see myself as a bit of an odd, but fairly funny and sometimes a little light-headed person who means well and prefers to look at the good things at life even though I go on ranting about some negative things too when I'm stressed. And the Mickey behind my ear is practically my mark that I grew up with Disney and I that it will be always stuck in my head, no matter what. 

Now of course my mother and my grandmother didn't really appreciate any of these, but I didn't care really. It was my body, they were something I wanted on my skin for a reason and I did that. Of course some people have been judging me for taking them, some people just say "wow how cool" and especially at work some people have been interested in my chest piece and what is written in it - and not in a bad way at all. I don't judge people who take tattoos or piercings. I don't judge people whether their tattoos have a meaning or if they're there just cause they look cool or pretty. That a choice. Even though I will never get myself pierced (partially cause I'm afraid of needles too), I don't ask why people do it. Everyone should be able to be 100% themselves, pierced, tattooed or clear-skinned!

So, yeah. There's the story behind my tattoos. What do you think? Do you have tattoos and do they have special stories behind them?

All of these three beauties were made by Tuomas in Putka Tattoo.

2 kommenttia:


    Disney tats <3. Also I kinda like your first tattoo, if only few things had been fixed before it was applied to you skin... But that's the same story with everyone's tattoos! My lotus would need a fix or two too :,).

    1. It's truly great to have company ;)

      No but seriously I hope a few things would've been fixed too. Though I don't exactly regret it, but I think it could've been even greater than it is. And your lotus is very pretty <3


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