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sunnuntai 16. marraskuuta 2014

A new toy to play with

Alright. I remember saying that I didn't need an iPad. Everyone has pads these days but I never understood them before. Until about a month ago when I met with a bride-to-be in order to discuss about her wedding photography I was going to do. It was then when I realized that a tablet would be handy, especially in meetings and everything since I could show my references from it straight away.

I'd compare prices and qualities, but in the end my choice was clear. I was going to put this on my xmas wishlist but I visited after work and there it was: my new iPad mini 3 with retina screen. I also decided to choose a gold one. All of my other tech is also Apple's so getting a tablet from them was kind of an obvious choice. I have iPhone, Macbook and now the family is complete with iPad.

And god it's fun and handy!

As for other things. At the end of October I did a documentary wedding photography at a beautiful location in Orivesi. Sadly the weather wasn't so good outside so we couldn't manage to snap shots outside. It was a fun and very beautiful wedding party indeed!

Also earlier in the week we went to shot some engagement photos with a colleague of mine and may I say they looked very dashing and very cute!

Other than that... well today has been my day off, yesterday was pretty crazy at work so I slept quite long in the morning. I also cooked some chicken and made a rose cheesecake and both were delish! I may post some recipes a bit later here but right now, sauna is awaiting for me.

with love,

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